Trying to lose weight made me sick, miserable and fed up with the diet industry. So I stopped

Trying to lose weight made me sick, miserable and fed up with the diet industry. So I stopped

I love this comment at the end of the article:

“I’m tired. I’m tired of all this utter bollocks. The diet industry, and society at large, is trying to force us to be all one shape and size; much like asking a labrador to be a chihuahua, it ain’t gonna happen. Can’t we all just accept this and move on? Obesity is a difficult beast to understand; in fact, not even science – let alone doctors, nutritionists, gym bunnies, dieticians, naturopaths, and other “health experts”, has all the answers.

All I know is that fat-blaming is not the answer. Do you really think that each and every person who is overweight doesn’t know that they are overweight? Don’t you think we have read all the latest research voraciously (probably the only thing we’ve ingested all day, really), and tried a million different ways to lose the excess kilos? Do you think we have not tried your “simple” way of losing weight? Do you think we haven’t tried (and failed) every diet or “healthy eating” plan there is, and even tried making up ones of our own?

I am a labrador. Deal with it.”

I too am a labrador. I am also the owner of a fat blonde labrador and a chihuahua (among other animals) and you know what: they are what they are no matter how much food they eat or exercise they take (about the same actually). I am as sick of hearing the vet telling me that my labrador should lose weight as I am of hearing it myself: we are both healthy so get stuffed I say!


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