When doctors fail to see past weight, other problems lurk

When doctors fail to see past weight, other problems lurk

“Part of the problem, both patients and doctors say, is a reluctance to look beyond a fat person’s weight. Patty Nece, 58, went to an orthopedist because her hip was aching. She had lost nearly 30 kilograms and, although she still had a way to go, was feeling good about herself. Until she saw the doctor.

“He came to the door of the exam room, and I started to tell him my symptoms,” Nece said. “He said: ‘Let me cut to the chase. You need to lose weight.'”

The doctor, she said, never examined her. But he made a diagnosis, “obesity pain,” and relayed it to her internist. In fact, she later learned, she had progressive scoliosis, a condition not caused by obesity…”

This is so very true! Doctors don’t even weigh you – they just look at you and say that you need to lose weight, no matter what you’ve gone to them for. Or if you do weigh too much they don’t ask why that might be so: for example, what medications are you on and what is the chance that it could make you put on weight; do you have any relatives with the same problem (i.e. is it genetic).


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