Come as you are to Fat Yoga

Come as you are to Fat Yoga

“Mainstream yoga classes filled with lithe, athletic-looking Anglo women are leaving people with bigger frames feeling intimidated and excluded, writes Hayley Gleeson. The antidote? Fat Yoga: where the F word is used with pride…”

Isn’t it a shame that people are so worried about other people’s judgements that they don’t want to exercise. The section in this article that talked about children resonated with me. I remember being embarrassed not only by my mother’s “sticky-out belly”, but by my own, despite the fact that I was always a very sporty kid. I didn’t enjoy my athletic body because I was muscled rather than thin, which I always wanted to be. I can see this concern reflected in some of my nieces at the moment. I look at my one-year-old granddaughter and her complete unselfconsciousness and think what a shame it is that one day she too will be worrying about her weight and her looks (whether she needs to or not, I know she will).

I often wish that mirrors were never invented so that people never had to look at their faces and bodies, and that people (including genetically blessed playboy bunnies) didn’t feel the need to judge others. I think they only do it to make themselves feel better, demonstrating their own low self-esteem.



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