The surprising secret of skinny people

The surprising secret of skinny people

This article assumes that people are skinny because they live and eat a certain way. But what about those people such as myself who do the same thing, but aren’t, and never have been, skinny? As usual, the assumption is that if you’re not skinny it’s because of something you do wrong. I find this attitude incredibly frustrating as it is contradicted by so much research.

For example  My “23 and Me” DNA test indicates that I have a higher than usual risk for Diabetes Type 2. When I look into the reason for this risk it is clear that this risk is the result of  an accumulation of different genes, each of which adds to the problem. One leads to less insulin being produced, another leads to more efficient production of fat from insulin, another prevents efficient clearance of sugar from my blood. This is just an example of how everything in your body and how it works (and looks) is multi-factorial and shouldn’t be reduced to simple solutions such as “diet and exercise” or “calories in, calories out”.


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